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Leadership Training New York

You can choose any firm, but Greenlining Management allows you to discover and grow here.

We are a marketing company; where we groom our associates to be leaders and achieve greater heights in their careers. Here we offer training from some of the industry’s best marketers. You will get a chance to drive a team full of passion and enthusiasm for their work. Once you get on board, you will start experiencing all this.

Our Management Training and Leadership Training

The training programs are about placing you up for ongoing future success by presenting you with a complete understanding of things needed to build a results-oriented career. Everything kicks off with classroom-style training conducted by our most prolific team members. This one-on-one access to upper-level management gives you a crash course in what it takes to be flourishing in business. Then, as you put your learned skills to work in the field, you will get feedback and direct mentorship to refine your work and approach.

Once your accelerated training is finished, we will push you to move into leadership training. Our 8-12 months program will help you learn sales, finances, and HR programs to further develop the skills you need to build a career that fits your vision of growth. We’ll work jointly with you through professional mentorship. By following your individual career goals, we’ll find the right position within our firm that will help get you there. Because of the scale of what we do for our clients, we have job roles in marketing, customer service, sales and more.

Travel and Learn

At Greenlining Management, we offer travel incentives to display associate recognition for their dedication and hard work. We plan several community functions, conferences, and retreats to well-known personalities and gain referrals for our associates. We also go to exotic destinations worldwide! Such bonuses give opportunities to allow associates to unwind and celebrate their achievements.


We have created an Internship program that helps young pros for entrepreneurial and managerial success by giving them real-world understanding and expertise to give more meaning to what they have learned in college.

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